Alton Road Reconstruction Coalition

   The Alton Road Reconstruction Coalition is fighting a valiant battle against the Florida DOT, and they need your help! If you blog about this or know of anyone who has, please let me know and I'll post it here. ARRC is the Alton Road Reconstruction Coalition.

Neighborhood Retail BlogOff

   This is the first Urbanism BlogOff. It began as a result of two heated Twitter conversations on subsequent nights in December 2011 based on retail rules of thumb that might be doing more harm than good. Or maybe it's the other way around. …

Next Urbanism Summit

   I'm sitting in the Next Urbanism Summit in our office in South Beach right now, and the presentations are serious long on substance. I've just asked the participants to post their presentations in as many posts as necessary. …

Post-Pandemic Urbanism & Architecture

post-pandemic urbanism & architecture 4575

   This BlogOff catalogs the best posts I have seen on how places & buildings should be transformed after the COVID-19 pandemic. Far more is being written than I can read, so if you see an essential piece, please leave a comment!

Return on Investment BlogOff

   Hazel Borys and Nathan Norris have been passionately advocating for cities to consider the return on their investments (ROI) before spending money on highways and other infrastructure because some expenditures have shockingly worse returns than others. …

Street Network BlogOff

   This BlogOff began nearly a year ago as a spirited email discussion between Howard Blackson, Leo Casas, Bill Dennis, Geoff Dyer, Kevin Klinkenberg, Paul Knight, Steve Mouzon, Nathan Norris, and Lee Sobel. The question of who started the discussion is lost in the shadows of time, but it was interesting enough that Paul asked recently if he could publish the transcript of the thread as an article. …

Walk Appeal

   The discussion of Walk Appeal attempts to refine what we know about how far people will walk, and why. Simply put, New Urbanists design has followed the century-old metric of the five-minute walk, which is a quarter-mile at an easy pace. …

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